Our Candy Store is located inside the cafe at  Zingerman’s Coffee Co.

All of our Zingerman’s made candy is there as well as a selection of our best selling curated treats.

Hours are 7am-4pm DAILY.  Come say hi!

We have also launched an online store for in-store or curbside pick up! Here’s the link: https://zingermans-candy-manufactory.square.site/    

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Greetings Candy lover!!

You’re in the right place.

Having a sweet candy store of our own was a dream from the start, and that dream came true in the summer of 2017! We now can share with all of you our own candy in our own space, and also a carefully curated and dynamic selection of other confections from around the US and the world! You’ll find our full line of fresh, flavorful handmade candy bars, nut brittles, chocolate covered coffee beans, caramel crisp treats, sweet spiced peanuts, marshmallows, seasonal treats and more! We also stock outstanding craft chocolate bars, licorice, caramels, lollipops, gummies, hard candies, pate de fruit, marzipan, nougat, and more! There’s always something new in the Zingerman’s Candy Manufactory candy store! Open the door and you may be greeted by delicious aromas and interesting views through our candy kitchen observation window. You might get to see handmade candy made right before your eyes! “It smells so delicious in here!” is our most common comment from our guests! You may get to both see and smell carmel and peanut brittle cooking on the stove, peanuts or almonds swirling in our adorable hot pink nut roaster, or a sensuous curtain of melted chocolate coating the just-made centers of our hand made candy bars. You will be drawn to our shelves and tables loaded with treats from all over the world; you won’t know where to look next! Our helpful and knowledgeable staff are on hand to show you a great time while you’re with us! If you’re curious about the difference between several single origin craft chocolates, want to taste something you’ve never tried before like salty licorice, marzipan, or cashew brittle, or would like to assemble a fantastic gift box of treats, we are at your service! Just about everything in the store is available to taste, so you can be sure you or your gift recipient will love whatever you choose. We’re looking forward to seeing you in the store!

Allison Schraf

Retail Store Manager

STORE HOURS (temporary)

Monday – 7-4 Tuesday – 7-4 Wednesday – 7-4 Thursday – 7-4 Friday – 7-4 Saturday – 7-4 Sunday – 7-4
734-619-6666 3723 Plaza Drive, Suite 3 Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Some of our vendors we sell in the store:

  • French Broad Chocolate

  • Chocolate Krak

  • Brandini Toffee

  • Askinosie Chocolate | Single Origin Bean to Bar Chocolate

  • Zotter

  • Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé

  • Candy Kittens | British Gourmet Sweets | Treat Yo’Self

  • Jealous Sweets

  • Lakrids by Bülow: Luxury Liquorice and Chocolate

  • Anya’s Licorice

  • Hammond’s Candies

      Famous for old-fashioned hard candies and confections.
  • Nirvana Chocolates

      Belgian producer of excellent confections; marzipan, chocolate, pate de fruit, nougat.
  • Kolsvart

      Really-Swedish Swedish fish (and licorice).
  • Kubli

      Fine Danish licorice in traditional and innovative flavors.
  • Mindo Chocolate Makers

  • Marzipops

  • Willie’s Cacao Bean to Bar Chocolate

  • Dick Taylor Chocolate

  • Caro Chocolate

  • XOCO

  • Goodnow Farms Chocolate

    Goodnow Farms Chocolate

  • Gem Gem

    Gem Gem

  • Carlier Nougat

  • Arnaud Soubeyran medallion

    Arnaud Soubeyran

  • Mirzam Chocolate Makers


  • Jacobsen Salt Co.

  • Maison Pécou

    Maison Pécou

  • Mon Pari Gourmand

    Paris Caramels

  • Summerdown Mint

    Summerdown Mint

  • bellstone toffee

    Bellstone Toffee

  • eat chic chocolates

    Eat Chic Chocolates

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